Rodent Control


Rodent Control and Exclusion

Are you hearing noises in the attic?  Do you want to send your unwanted house guests packing?  Or prevent them from entering at all?  Hargrove Pest Solutions has Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators that are certified through the Department of Natural Resources for trapping, removal, and exclusion of rodents from your property.

We offer complete rodent trapping and removal services and full exclusion services. Trapping and removal will usually control the rodent population on the property, but will not keep them from entering the structure. The structure must be excluded so that all possible entry ways are closed to the rodents.

Hargrove Pest Solutions will inspect the property for rodent activity and entry points. We will then design a trapping plan to meet the needs of the property. Multiple traps, live cages, or baits may be used to control rodents in and around the structure.  All trapping and removal services will be completed in the most humane way possible.  All traps and baits will be installed in areas that are safe for children and pets.

Rodents can enter a structure at numerous areas and can cause damage to the structure, insulation, duct piping, and electrical wiring. Rodents will also urinate and leave feces throughout the structure. A full exclusion repair is the only sure way to rid the structure of rodents and keep them out for good.

One of the most common rodent entry points to a structure is under the shingles where they lap into the gutters.  A 1″ to 4″ gap can be found at this area on many structures.  This gap is commonly known as a “construction gap” or “builder gap”.  Our exclusion repair will close every gap in the exterior of the structure that is greater than 1/4″, thus rodent entry is virtually impossible.

The majority of the materials used to make the exclusion repairs are not visible from ground level and are installed in a professional manner.  All repairs are guaranteed to keep out rodents and our guarantee is renewable each year.  Under the renewable guarantee, we will complete an annual inspection for rodent activity.  If a new rodent entry point is located, we will make the necessary repairs at our cost.

All exclusion services will be completed in conjunction with trapping and removal.  Once a structure is totally excluded, trapping and removal will continue until all rodents are removed from the structure.

We also do crawl space encapsulation to help protect your home from rodents!


“We came in contact with Hargrove Pest Solutions [who was] hired by the prospective buyer of our home to complete an inspection of the premises to determine if there were any insect or rodent issues that needed attention. Since your technician had visited the property and determined that there were rodents present in the attic, I contacted Hargrove to inquire about providing a rodent exclusion warranty as requested by the buyer.  The price quoted was very competitive and Hargrove was able to begin the service quickly to eliminate the rodents and certify to the new owner that the problem had been corrected. And any further entry of rodents in the premises would be promptly addressed at no additional cost. I was very impressed with the professionalism of your technician, who kept me informed of the progress of the work and made sure that everything would be completed before the buyers had their final inspection before closing. I would recommend your services to friends and neighbors without any hesitation.”Jay H.