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Pest Control Pricing

When shopping around for a pest control company, there are a few questions that are very important to ask, besides the price. Be wary of companies that are much cheaper than others – you get what you pay for!  Be sure to look for a company who understands the current technologies and strategies to safely and efficiently eliminate the pests that exist in this part of the country.


Price Quote

Pest Control Company Pricing

Here are some questions to ask when shopping for a pest control company.

+ Is the company members of a Professional Association?

Membership in a Professional Association is how pest control operators stay up to date about the best products and latest methods. Hargrove Pest Solutions is a proud member of the CSRA Professional Pest Control Association.

+ Are they licensed to do Pest Control in your state?

Each state has licensing requirements for Professional Pest Control Companies, usually involving experience, insurance, exam, and regulatory requirements. Hargrove Pest Solutions is licensed to serve you in GA and SC.

+ How much experience do they have?

To be confident that a pest control company will have the knowledge and skill to solve many different potential issues, choose a company with more than a couple of years of experience. Hargrove Pest Solutions’ Division Manager has over nine years experience in the Pest Control Industry, holding licensing in GA and SC for Household Pest and Termite Control.

+ What services do they have?

Pest Control Companies that offer multiple services are more likely to be able to help you well into the future as your pest management needs change. Hargrove Pest Solutions offers Residential and Commercial Pest Management, Termite Control, Mosquito Reduction Services, Fire Ant Services, Crawl Space Encapsulation and Rodent Exclusion Services.

+ Are they committed to Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is today’s standard for professional pest management services. IPM means correcting the source of pest issues while applying necessary pesticides responsibly. Hargrove Pest Solutions’ Service Specialists are trained to identify the source of pest issues and work with you to solve problems effectively and sustainably.

Here are a few “red flags” to be aware of when shopping for a pest control company:

  • If their service truck is unmarked or marked with only magnetic signs. Unprofessional appearance usually translates into unprofessional performance.
  • If their price is too good to be true. If a company’s price is too low, they may not have many of the most effective tools available to professionals.
  • If they are not responsive to your phone calls or do not show up on time. If a company does not respond to you with professionalism, making your concerns a priority, you may not receive the attention you deserve if a problem arises.

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