Mosquito Management

stephen2Take back your yard!  Don’t let mosquito problems keep you indoors or ruin your social gatherings.  Proper mosquito management starts with knowledge of mosquito biology and elimination of breeding sites.  We can help you with that!

Our mosquito service is offered in the months of March to October.  A monthly service is required to effectively suppress mosquito activity.  The service will start with a complete inspection of the property for current mosquito problems, conducive conditions, and breeding sites.  We will then treat all breeding sites, including standing water, ponds, and streams in an effort to control the mosquito larvae.  Next, we treat all foliage on the property to control adult mosquitoes.  After the treatment and inspection, we will give you recommendations to help reduce the activity and breeding sites on your property.

“I have always been hesitant to use a service which sprays for mosquitoes.  I felt like there was no way they could help me if only my yard was sprayed and not the entire community.  Well, I was wrong. At the beginning of the summer before we had you start spraying, I would get anywhere for 3 to 20 bites every time I went outside.  Since my husband & I use our patio a lot and I am allergic to mosquitoes, I was constantly covered in bug spray and afraid to sit on my den furniture.  Since I’ve had you spray & treat for mosquitoes, I have only received 4 bites in three months.  This is amazing, as we are out on the patio every morning for our coffee (sometimes it’s still dark) and off and on every evening, plus we spend a lot of our weekends outside.  I will certainly use you again.”
Liz C.